christmas list for her


Christmas! Oh, it’s Christmas time… and we savour every minute of the season. I’ve been so busy working, working around the house, and working some more, that I feel I haven’t gone above-and-beyond in the ‘holiday’ department this year. Nevertheless, we’ve successfully checked all the major to-do’s off our list: cut down the perfect tree, decorate said perfect tree, string lights around the house, listen to classic Christmas vinyl, write letters to Santa, send holiday cards to our nearest and dearest, make gingerbread houses, bake German holiday cookies, shop for a few thoughtful gifts, think about booking our next trip, and stock up on Glühwein, Dark Chocolate Marzipan, and Panettone for Christmas day.

Instead of writing out physical wish lists, I have been putting together these Santa Baby inspiration boards (as I have dubbed them) for years. We try very strongly to avoid overbuying and purchasing things we don’t really love or need. But, there’s nothing wrong with wishing. (And it’s fun to just want sometimes!) Here’s what we’re all hoping for this year…


For Clifton

Clifton is a hardcore minimalist in most ways. He could survive with very little and simultaneously wishes for very little. He asked me for shaving cream and Chinese take-out! I’m like… hold my beer. But really, the ultimate man’s man would love to go on another ski trip–with kids-in-tow this time, too. I might be in the process of planning and booking a snow-covered vacation for us, which has me looking at those stunning Nordica skis, but it’s not Christmas without a few small things to open. He has made mention of Vikings blades, shaving supplies from Supply, and a few more Kimpton pillows. I know he will never turn down a gift card from our Irvington-favorite, James Dant. I’m also loving the idea of a new Dopp kit, the matte black Boie toothbrush, a vintage-inspired robe with piping trim and a monogram, and a nice pair of house slippers. Truly the best part of Christmas is hearing him belt out Bing Crosby and Perry Como from the kitchen while he dishes up a fancy meal–a rare gem, indeed.


For Kendal

Santa baby, I want a yacht and really that’s not a lot
Been an angel all year

Christmas List for Her

I feel like I haven’t shopped all year long (honest!), so my wish list is a little longer than usual. And because I’ve recently moved away from many of my friends, I’ve slowly been forced into being a homebody. It’s funny how you beg for life to slow down, feel you need a break from the hustle and bustle, suddenly it does, and then you wind up wishing you could go back. This experience has left me craving things of comfort–pajamas, plants, books, teas, etc. So, here’s what I’m dreaming of: Fat and The Moon Lip & Cheek Stain (sold out), Chanel Le Vernis in Ballerina, Tea Fortē Duet Gift Set, Glossier Cloud Paint blush, candy-scented Fairy Dust from Lush, matte black Plissé Electric Kettle at the MoMA, adaptogenic herb blends like Moon Juice and Hum Nutrition, fabulous maribou house slippers, anything Ralph Lauren Home, a Crepe Myrtle Bonsai Kit from the MoMA, Spark Joy by Marie Kondo, literally everything from Daily Sleeper, and a pair of handmade made-to-measure ballet flats from The White Ribbon in Europe. A girl can dream, right?


For Hagan

christmas list for boy

Hagan is 5.5 now, which means he knows what he wants and his list to Santa was very specific: a skateboard, a new helmet, elbow/knee pads, an RC Jeep “with a tire on the back”, a reading light, a watch, more hot wheels, bath bombs and new socks. He loves to be spontaneous and adventurous as much as he loves to get dressed up to just stay home. The Archery Combo Set from Two Bros Bows and the Retrospec Quip Mini Cruiser Skateboard steal the show this year. His aunt gifted him with a reading light that clips onto his bed, a big book of paper planes, and super fun Hanna Andersson socks. Check! I can’t say for sure, but Santa’s probably bringing Amelia Bedelia and The Kindness Book, classic Twister in a tin (hello, nostalgia), a space watch, bath bombs from Lush, and a wooden Janod calendar.


For Dorian

boy christmas list

Dorian is so sweet and easy-going. He is a simple child in a lot of ways! He is usually happiest following his older brother’s footsteps and going along with whatever he is playing from one moment to the next, but lately, he’s been spending more and more time playing independently in his room. When we asked him to think of a list for Santa, he signed ‘cars’ and ‘game’ and said ‘baseball’. He loves to be outside, especially now that we live across from a play yard, and he gets really excited when we sit down and play board games together in the evenings. Here’s what mommy, daddy, and grandparents rounded up for Dorian this year: a Galaxy Bow & Arrow Set by Two Bros Bows, a Waterproof Toddler Wrist Watch in the cutest little car print, the Animal Friends Board Game by Petit Collageeverywhere, wonder (a book about a boy who travels the world over), Rawlings T-Ball Glove, Franklin 2-in-1 Batting Tee, Sharper Image Italia Race Set, and a Royal Kingdom Castle from Lakeshore Learning that dad swears he will love.


For The Home

christmas gifts for the home

First and foremost, I got a Eucalyptus tree for the backyard! I planted a Loquat tree for my birthday, so it seemed fitting to use Christmas as an excuse to expand my mental landscaping plans. Since half of my heart yearns for a nomadic lifestyle and the other half of my heart lives happily in maximalist excess, I tend to only shop for the home when I stumble upon antiques and oddities. I very much enjoy finding unique pieces I know I’ll treasure for years to come. There are a few practical things I’m keen on buying soon, like more Jamie Oliver cookbooks and a bread box where the lid is a cutting board. I ordered a Bucketlist Scratch Map from Awesome Maps–I just hope it actually arrives in the mail (no tracking?). We could use a set of French wine glasses (we keep breaking ours), fresh incense (so many boys), and a sturdy yet stylish recycling bin. What’s completely unnecessary is the fancy chess set. I think it would be neat to teach Hagan to play and have this on the coffee table for entertaining, however. Isn’t this what Christmas is about? Writing things down on a list that you’ll never own?


Here’s to dreaming. enjoying. spending time. making memories. living your best life.

Happy holidays!

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