Slipping Into Silence

Apparently our life must continue to be a Series of Unfortunate Events involving trauma, grief, and uncertainty.

Our dear sweet Dorian Louie lost nearly the rest of his hearing over the holidays, rapidly and without warning. For the last four years we have dreamed that his health and hearing would remain stable. 50% hearing wasn’t great but it’s what he knew. And it’s what we knew.

For the last four years, we have also dreamed of living abroad. We were supposed to be moving to South Korea in mere weeks. We’ve sold our house. I’ve sold half our belongings. I’d notified their schools. Etc.

To say we are devastated in multiple ways is an understatement. 

But here we are. I don’t know where we’re going. Or when. Or what lies ahead. Or quite how to cope with the fact that my voice has become a whisper to him — and soon it will be gone entirely.

I do know one thing: we’re going to be okay. Better yet, we’re going to be happy.

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